Thanks Bloggers

Here’s a fun adaptation of the Tao Te Ching via nutcote.

I’ve been enjoying the excellent daily links to artwork provided by Synergy, pure enjoyment.

Enjoyed Kerouac’s “Skid Row Wine”and I have been enjoying the site a lot more since he quit forcing poems into justified paragraphs (oops, Sorry, that’s the bad ex-teacher in me– must be the old yearbook advisor)

Thanks for the Ground to Air Signals rileydog. I’m going to need these now that hiking season is about to begin.

Apologies to visual darkness for the negative comment about his understanding of On the Road over at randomWalks. It’s okay, you’ll get over it, teachers have to have tough skins, right? Besides, PageCount said really good things about it.

Most of all, thanks to wood s lot for the folder containing 20 links to articles I still haven’t had time to finish. Sorry I only read 60 pages per hours and my blog entries are so long I don’t even need to go near the debate that Jonathon burningbird are having about the proper length of entries. (Let’s blame it on Diane since she’s touring Europe right now and won’t see this anyhow)

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