You Choose a Favorite

Hopefully visitors to this site realize that all they’re seeing is highlights of our birding expeditions.  I’m sparing the visitor from having to see all the bad shots that have to be taken before I can get a shot worth showing to others.  On the other hand, sometimes the visitor doesn’t get to see excellent shots that were arbitrarily deleted by the writer/editor/ proofreader/me.

Taking the photos is the fun part of this job; sorting through them, deciding which to delete and which to keep, and fine-tuning those chosen for publication is the hard part of the job. 

Sometimes deciding which photo to use can be the hardest part of all, particularly when I like all the photos in a sequence. For instance, I took 22 shots of the Snowy Egret that landed right in front of me on the swimming hole at Spring Lake as I waited for Leslie. Unfortunately, I loved all of them.  Not a really bad shot in the whole group, but I’m certainly not going to polish all of them up.  So,  here are six of my favorites from that sequence.

5 thoughts on “You Choose a Favorite”

  1. I prefer #3 as the rest of them you can see in bird pics on photography sites.
    All excellent shots btw with the dark background ensuring stand outs.

    1. Dave! Good to hear from you. Wish you had comments on your blog, but I understand why you don’t. I’ve quit reading comments on most sites because I get depressed at what a**holes some people can be.

  2. I’m with Ardy. If there were no ‘standard’ shots available, one of the more orderly images would be great — but the third stands out from the array of straightforward images.

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