Final Shots from Sacramento NWR

In my last post I shared my favorite shots of our visit to Sacramento NWR. In this post I’ll feature Leslie’s photos.

This shot of a Northern Harrier leaves a lot to be desired, but since Leslie took more pictures of it than any other bird and still couldn’t get the bird or the light to cooperate, it feels like it deserved to be posted.

Other shots seem more post-worthy, though.  I joined the Sacramento NWR Facebook page and noted that the most often shared shots were those of Bald Eagles.

I thought this shot of the mature Bald Eagle was also as good as any I saw shared on their site, as was this shot of the immature Bald Eagle looking particularly regal..

It was quite windy the day we were there, as the feathers testify to, but my favorite shot of this sequence was this one taken a few minutes later.  

Hopefully, the immature Eagle learned why the adult Eagle chose a much bigger branch to rest on.

Leslie didn’t seem as impressed by this shot of a Black Phoebe

as I was, perhaps she doesn’t realize how many shots of a Black Phoebe sitting on a branch or railing I’ve had to settle for. Whenever possible, birds should be seen flying. 

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