Distant Memories

What happened to December?  It’s 2023? Really? I knew I hadn’t blogged for a while, but I didn’t realize that I didn’t post a single entry in December or January. Apparently, once you reach 80 time begins to get away from you.  Of course, I already knew that because the only reason I know what day of the week is because my pill box has letters stamped on it (and I still remember the names of the days of the week).

After 30 years of teaching plus 20-some years of schooling, it feels like December should be vacation time,  time to relax and refuel. Work should be limited to baking cookies or to decorating  (and un-decorating) the house.   “Vacation,” plus writer’s block kept me from finishing what I wanted to say about last summer’s hiking season.  

The previous two blog entries centered on hikes where we didn’t reach our goal, hikes that, at least in one sense, seemed like failures.  Luckily, those hikes were in the middle of hiking season and, at the very least, pushed us to gain strength and endurance and to make it possible to hike Rainier’s Rampart Ridge Trail when the wildflowers were in full bloom, a trip never to be forgotten for its sheer beauty.  

Luckily, their beauty needs no words.  Enjoy:

Heather Meadow
Lupine and Heather
Leslie and Paul admire the Heather Meadow
Paintbrush and More
Spreading Phlox
Artic Sweet Coltsfoot
White Pasqueflower

4 thoughts on “Distant Memories”

  1. I appreciate seeing your photos as always. You’re reminding me that I need to get up to Mt. Rainier in wildflower season. I’ve only been there in the fall. Speaking of reminders, I have gone substantially longer without posting on my own blog. Reading yours is a good nudge.


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