Back to Work (or, at least, To What Passes for Work When You’re 80)

COVID 19 and snow played havoc with our Christmas/New Year plans, but it’s time to return to unfinished work while looking forward to new experiences.  I got so caught up in baking cookies (that never got eaten) that I didn’t even manage to finish posting about our visit to Ft. Flagler (so pretend this was published the next day after the previous post).  

While photographing a large number of Sanderlings and Dunlins on the left side of the point, I noticed a large flock of birds land on the opposite side of the point. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to them because I didn’t need any more pictures of Dunlins, but when I looked closer I realized that they weren’t Dunlins at all; they were Black Turnstone.

They seemed as indifferent to me as the Dunlin did, allowing me to take several closeups.

As expected, there was also a large flock of Brant both on the beach and out in the shallow water feeding.  

Way out, on the very point were two Double-Crested Cormorants, closer than I’ve ever seen them before.  

Strangely enough, I only saw one Black-Bellied Plover where I usually find small flocks and I didn’t see a single Harlequin on the long walk out and back.  That concerned me because that’s the first time haven’t sighted several on that walk. Heck, I go to Ft Flagler because I can always count on seeing them there; they’re one of the few birds I actually “chase,”  as birders say.

Luckily, I did see a single pair down by the boat launch where I often see them close to shore.

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  1. Always enjoy your photos. I am an ‘east coaster’ and used to love seeing Ruddy Turnstones. Nice to see your posting about Black Turnstones.

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