Bear River Grebes

Although I discovered  Bear RiverMigratoryBird Refuge while searching for American Avocets, I fell in love with it because of the grebes that breed there.  My favorite shots from there are shots of grebes carrying chicks on their back.  Of course, I knew we’d be too late to see that this year, but we still managed to see several young grebes with their parents off in the distance

or occasionally closer, but always partially hidden.

Luckily, even without chicks, Western Grebes

and Clark’s Grebes

are beautiful.

Picture from Bob in Australia

Bob tried to post this photo in the comments on the previous post; I tried to approve the comment and the picture still wouldn’t show up. In the process, I even managed to lose the original comment, but it is such a great picture that I wanted to post it anyhow.

It’s amazing how varied birds are in different regions. About the time you think you know all the Grebes, you discover there are different varieties in different countries.

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