Horned Grebes

Lots of birds, like the Dunlin’s I posted on the previous entry, change plumage dramatically from Winter to Spring, but, perhaps because I see the changes appear up-close-and-personal, none intrigue me more than those of the Horned Grebe.  Here’s a shot of Horned Grebe in winter plumage and another Horned Grebe that has nearly completed the change to its bright Spring garb.

Although the change takes place in a relatively short time,  it’s slow enough that you can photograph its evolution.  When I first saw this grebe in the Port Orchard Marina I actually thought it was in breeding colors.

Back at Port Orchard nearly a week later, this bird looked like it was in full breeding plumage 

until I was greeted by this one just as I was leaving the marina.

I knew that this must truly what Horned Grebes look like in full breeding colors because when I returned the next week there wasn’t a Horned Grebe in sight, and, traditionally, they all leave when they all have breeding plumage.  

What do you think?

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