A Walk On the Beach

Although I get a much better workout when we walk Owens Beach or the Dunes, the pictures, with the exception of the Hooded Mergansers, aren’t nearly as good as when we walk other places because the birds stay further offshore because of the considerable number of people walking.

Still, watching for birds distracts from the fact that we are, indeed,  exercising, which is probably vital at my age but isn’t particularly stimulating, and barely qualifies as “fun.” It helps that I tend to see birds I don’t regularly see at Theler or Port Orchard, like this male Common Goldeneye, 

this Double-Crested Cormorant, 

or, even, this Widgeon which are really numerous at Port Orchard but are so far out that it’s nearly impossible to get a simple shot like this.

As a bonus,  my Apple watch gives me credit for exercise when I only stop for three shots in 45 minutes of walking, and it rarely gives me an “exercise” credit after I walk 4 miles at Theler Wetlands because we stop often to check out the birds.  

What do you think?

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