Walking The Dunes Park

We managed to sneak in a walk on The Dunes Trail between showers.  It wasn’t exactly sunny, but it wasn’t so dark that you couldn’t manage to get a decent shot.  Close shots, like this one of a Yellow-Rumped Warbler in non-breeding colors turned out quite well.

Like most birds this size, this little guy wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to see it clearly.  The photo, though, confirmed my first impression.

The 600mm lens allowed me to capture this shot of a Harbor Seal, that was apparently just chilling in the marina.  I actually had a hard time spotting it and had to point it out to Leslie and Paul.

The seabirds that overwinter in the Puget Sound seem to be returning.  This female Goldeneye was relatively close, compared to the other seabirds we saw.

There were quite a few other birds offshore, but it was nearly impossible to identify them with the naked eye.  This heavily cropped photo revealed that this was a Double-Crested Cormorant.

Even at a distance the neck suggested cormorant, but I didn’t have a clue what kind of cormorant until I put the picture on the screen.  This shot is heavily cropped and appeared somewhat fuzzy when blown up so that the cormorant filled the screen.  Still not sure if that is because the camera didn’t focus directly on the cormorant because it was so far away or because I was using a fast shutter speed and the image is rather “noisy.”  

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