A Foggy Morning at Theler

This time of year we try to take advantage of any sunshine we get here in the Pacific Northwest, knowing that it will be rainy most of the days ahead.  When we left for Theler Wetlands Sunday it was bright and sunny in Tacoma and almost all the way to Belfair. About a quarter mile from our destination, though, we descended into heavy fog.

I knew that birding would be challenging and photos tough to take with the telephoto lens I use for birding, but most of us raised around Puget Sound/Salish Sea are fond of foggy mornings.  So, I switched to trying to take scenic shots with my iPhone and was generally happy with the results.

Some of the photos almost reflect the special quiet that accompanies fog, 

while others seem to offer hope of a brighter time to come when we have a President who actually cares about the environment.

Of course, I still had to try to capture some bird shots with my telephoto.  I liked this shot of a pair of Mallards where they appear be floating mid-air.

Atmosphere aside, I was happy when the sun finally started to burn the fog off before we reached the mid-point of our walk and I was able to catch this small flock of Cedar Waxwings trying to warm up in the warm glow of the early morning sunshine.

Near the end of our walk the skies were bright blue, allowing us to sight this Bald Eagle that might well have been flying up and down the river earlier but we would never have known  it.

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