A Favorite Subject

The Belted Kingfisher is one of my favorite birds, probably because it is so damn hard to photograph and seems to delight in laughing at you when you miss the perfect shot because it suddenly spots you and flies away.

So, when I do capture a decent shot, I am apt to obsess on making the shot look as good as possible. Here’s my latest attempt with three different versions of the same bird. This one is pretty much straight out of the camera on rather foggy/cloudy morning.

This one was my first attempt to make the background less boring.

This one was a different shot with a different set of Photoshop adjustments.

Have a preference?

5 thoughts on “A Favorite Subject”

    1. Well, so far I have three votes and each one picks a different one as a favorite. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t decide which to use.

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