Loren loves Acorn Woodpeckers

We had so many things planned on our recent trip to Santa Rosa that, unfortunately, I only managed to get one walk around Lake Ralphine and Spring Lake.  

Luckily it was a great walk which began immediately when we were greeted near the parking lot by several Acorn Woodpeckers. 

The woodpeckers seemed unusually busy gathering nuts.  I think that is because park workers had cut down the tree where they had previously stored their acorns.  But, for whatever reason, they weren’t shy on this visit, ignoring me as they searched for acorns,  

gathered them, 

and stored them away in a nearby tree.

I suspect they were ignoring me because they were hurrying to gather as many nuts as possible before the crowds started appearing. There wasn’t a single woodpecker to be seen when we returned from our walk.

2 thoughts on “Loren loves Acorn Woodpeckers”

  1. Woodpeckers are the neatest birds. So focused and full of spunk! Thank you for these brilliant photos.

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