Too Much of a Good Thing

It seems like that the heavy rain that escorted us home from Willows  California has stuck around for the last month and a half.  Desperate for a day out birding, Leslie and I decided to go out Monday, the day with the least amount of forecast rain.  

When I started to get ready the night, I was shocked that I didn’t know where much of my equipment was.  Turns out that I hadn’t unpacked most of it and had trouble remembering exactly where it was all packed.

Judging from the steady rain we’re having today, Monday may well be the best day of the week, but that’s not saying much.  Luckily I’m a true Pacific Northwesterner and don’t mind walking among the clouds.  

With weather like this, it’s impossible to capture birds in flight and it’s best to shoot for striking silhouettes like this shot of cormorants with mergansers in the background

or black and white images, like this shot of a Great Blue Heron with its feather coat.

By the time we turned around at the mid-point of our Theler walk, it was hard to tell if the clouds had finally decided to rest on the ground or if it was actually raining.  Naturally, it was precisely then that this Spotted Towhee

and Downy Woodpecker decided to pose.

Rain is what makes Washington the Ever-Green State, but I’ll have to admit I’m beginning to suffer from cabin fever and am looking forward to a few sunny days when I can plan a trip to Port Townsend or Westport

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