Mono No Aware

Usually when I look at the garden this time of year all, all I see is work that needs to be done, work I’ve been putting off as long as possible. Still, if you’re desperate for a shot to post to your site and you look through the lens of your camera long enough, you can always find something that might possibly pass as art, particularly if you play with it long enough in Photoshop.

Obviously the Hosta plants are dying off, but their golden color emphasizes the shape of the leaves 

Though I’ll use a blower to clean dead leaves off some places,  I long ago learned that decaying leaves attract birds throughout Fall and Winter, while adding nutrients to the garden in Spring.

The fuchsia is by far the brightest flower left in the garden

but their flowers are so small that the hydrangea, despite beginning to fade, still provides the brightest spot in the Fall garden.

2 thoughts on “Mono No Aware”

  1. When I was a teenager, I got out of cutting down a dead tree by convincing my Dad that it would attract woodpeckers. It did attract an amazing variety of woodpeckers, but to be honest, my motives were not entirely pure. 😉

    1. I’ll assure you that my motives are always entirely pure, especially since I only get pictures of Varied Thrushes when I leave the leaves in place.

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