I’m Okay

It’s Fall here in the Pacific Northwest, and Fall means lots of clouds (and lots of rain).  Unfortunately, it seems like the birds that usually overwinter here have been slow to return.  That means birding is still slow, and I’m not quite as eager to get out and walk.  Even when it doesn’t rain, it’s often afternoon before the clouds burn off.

Still, we manage to get out birding whenever sun is predicted, and at the very least are rewarded with brilliant Fall colors.

I’ve seen a lot less Cedar Waxwings this year than usual, so it’s a pleasure whenever I spot one, even if it’s in the distance.

There are lots of Killdeer at Theler Wetlands this time of year and

they’re occasionally joined by migrating shorebirds, like this Spotted Sandpiper.  

Even though other birders have reported larger shorebirds, this Yellowlegs is the largest one I’ve seen this year at Theler.

My exercise app usually doesn’t count most the 4+ miles we walk at Theler and Port Orchard as “exercise,” but that makes sense because it never feels like a chore to walk there.  It’s always a pleasure even if I spot very few birds and capture very few shots.

2 thoughts on “I’m Okay”

  1. I think you take some of the most painterly photos I have ever seen. I am going to try a small sketch of that top photo to include in my art project. I know I won’t do it justice, but . . . I just want an excuse to look at it for awhile. You look at something with different eyes when you set out to draw or paint. Thanks for the beauty and the inspiration!

    1. I have a rather long, complicated background with art, too, and I use some of those aesthetics in my photographs. I’m particularly fond of watercolors, so I use Photoshop techniques to soften the backgrounds in a lot of my shots.

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