Sadly, not every day of retirement can be spent lollygagging in the sun on the Oregon Coast.

Luckily, not every day has to be spent in a doctor’s waiting room.

Judging from how few photos I took this month, I find it hard to believe that March was the second driest March in Seattle history.

Looking at this shot of Leslie trying to adjust her binoculars to see through the heavy morning fog

and at this shot of Green-Winged Teal, I remember why it didn’t seem that dry in March.

There may have been very little rain, but it wasn’t exactly sunny, either.

The photographer in me thrives on sunshine, not fog, but I was grateful to get outside a lot more this month than in Winter’s previous months.  

Truthfully, I enjoy walking in the fog (if it’s not too cold) even if I’m seldom excited by the photos I take.  Even the birds seem to find the fog calming, and are more apt to pose for the camera. 

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