Another Day at the Coast

I knew that I had cabin fever when I decided to enjoy the sunshine and go to Port Townsend the day after driving all the way to Ocean Shores. Both require a long day and considerable driving, but I wasn’t ready to stay in the house as long as the sun was out.

It turned out to be another beautiful day, and on this trip the tides cooperated with us.  We saw all the familiar suspects, like this Brant Goose,

and this pair of Harlequin Ducks

We also saw more male Red-Breasted Mergansers than I’ve seen in years.

To top the day off, we spotted a River Otter on the dock at Ft. Worden.

Getting out and walking in the sunshine was a real pleasure.  Hopefully we will finally see sunshine more regularly.  With crocus and daffodils starting to bloom in the yard, Spring can’t be far away, can it?

One thought on “Another Day at the Coast”

  1. I love seeing the birds there. The four years we lived in Port Townsend are what completely opened my eyes to birds. So beautiful and you get to see them in their gorgeous breeding plumage. Wonderful photos.

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