Down the Coast to Santa Rosa

Ironically while Jeff and Debbie returned to Portland to visit Max, we headed to California for Leslie’s 50th High School Reunion. Since Jeff and Debbie came up the coast to avoid the smoke in Redding, we decided to do the same thing. It turned out to be a good decision, as we were greeted by sunshine the whole way.

Unfortunately, it seemed to be too early in the year to see the Elk Herds and watch the bull Elk strut their stuff. The only elk we saw was this one resting in the shadows, and he refused to be disturbed by the flocks of tourists lining the road trying to get a shot of it.

The bright sun actually made it even more difficult than usual to get a good shot of the Redwoods, so this shot will have to serve as a placeholder for the shots I’ll attempt on our next trip south.

Despite the lack of photos, it was a very pleasant trip.

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