We get to see Zoe’s Soccer Game

We had a hard time scheduling our Spring trip to visit the Colorado Websters for many, many reasons, not the least of which was our hectic Spring. We spent most the week after our long Oregon/Utah/California trip visiting with Leslie’s visitors from Santa Rosa. Two days before our trip we were told Zoe would be playing in a championship tournament on the weekend. We knew the only way we could see any of her games was by leaving early (5 AM) Saturday morning and about the same time from western Wyoming on Sunday. We did get there just in time to see her last game in 90º plus weather.

Although Zoe’s team won the game, Zoe didn’t score a goal in the game we saw. However, I did get lots of chances to photograph her in action: chasing the ball down

and booting it down the field.

Although her speed is probably her greatest asset, it certainly doesn’t hurt she’s not afraid to mix it up.

That combination of speed

and aggressiveness

makes her fun to watch. It was an exhausting two-day drive, but it was a small price to pay for seeing our granddaughter play.

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  1. Great! I thought my granddaughter lived a long way away (175m) but I guess you have to travel further. That’s one difference between the US and the UK!

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