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Our recent 10-day birding trip began in the parking lot of The Narrows RV Park, which is at the edge of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The campground is full of birdhouses and feeders, and, more importantly, birds.

Despite choosing a home in the middle of a campground some of the birds seem remarkably shy and elusive, like this Bullock’s Oriole

which was more than willing to reveal its presence by persistent chatter but unwilling to actually show itself. The early evening sunset made it seem even brighter than it does during the day.

Unlike the Bullock’s Oriole, the Western Kingbirds

seemed largely indifferent to humans, moving a little way down the telephone wire as you approached.

This Kildeer

which had chosen to build its nest in one of the campsites hardly made a peep but wasn’t about to leave its nest.

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