Red-Breasted Merganser

One of the biggest draws of Theler Wetlands is that you never know what you will see there. On a recent visit I spotted a single male Red-Breasted Merganser at the beginning of our walk, but it was too far away to get a decent shot.

Luckily, it was closer on our return and was willing to pose, showing off its many-hued plumage

and delightful hairdo.

I was amazed when a second male suddenly emerged from a dive. Then the two started drifting down river

where I hoped to get some closeup shots as they drifted by . I did manage to get a couple of shots

just as a couple approached from the other direction.

Unfortunately I missed the shots of the mergansers as they bolted into flight, the shot I really wanted to capture.

Still, we had a great conversation with the birders that had stopped to see the mergansers.