Not Skunked, Thank Goodness

We’ve had a week of sunshine and relatively warm temperatures, too good of weather to be working on projects in the garage so we went birding at Theler after Tai Chi at the YMCA. The birding wasn’t quite up to the level of the weather, but I’m not about to complain when it’s bright and sunny.

We had a promising start to the day when this Fox Sparrow insisted on having his photo taken.

At first I couldn’t tell whether it was the very common Song Sparrow or not, but it posed so sincerely I probably would have taken a shot even if it were a Song Sparrow.

The highlight of the day might have been sighting a flock of Common Mergansers

which wisely bolted as we approached for it’s hunting season here. I was just afraid that I might have driven them past the hunter’s blinds, but thank goodness we didn’t hear a single shot.

There wasn’t much else to see, though I did sight the Kestrel I saw on my previous visit at the end of our walk and managed to get a better shot this time.

It’s surprising how often the sunniest days turn out to be the worst birding days.

2 thoughts on “Not Skunked, Thank Goodness”

  1. Now I’m going to have to google around and look for the minor differences between Song Sparrows and Fox Sparrows. I read recently that people in the states are starting to call Kestrels Sparrow Hawks. Have you read anything about that? Great photos as always!

    1. I know they are going through many name changes, but I haven’t heard anything about “Sparrow Hawks,” robin. Sparrow hawks almost sounds like an older name like “Marsh Hawks” (which I prefer) instead of Northern Harrier (as it is called now).

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