This is NOT a Cinnamon Teal

While writing yesterday’s post I happened to reference Cinnamon Teal online, and they suggested that the Ruddy Duck was a “similar species.” We did see several Ruddy Ducks in the same general habitat as the Cinnamon Teals, but it was immediately clear when I saw a Ruddy Duck.

If it’s a male in breeding colors,

it’s impossible to confuse the two. The Ruddy Duck’s bright blue bill is unmistakable, as is that upright tail.

If that’s not enough, the bold white cheeks

are totally unlike those of the Cinnamon Teal.

In fact, about the only similarity I can see in the two is that they both have the same cinnamon colored body.

Don’t be fooled: This is undoubtedly a male Ruddy Duck.