Snowy Egret Tiff

I’m not sure why this Snowy Egret has his feathers standing on end , but this was my favorite sequence from shooting the heron colony in Santa Rosa. Although I’ve seen shots of Snowy Egrets like this before, I’ve never managed to get one myself.

As excited as the egret on the left is, the one building the nest seems totally unconcerned.

4 thoughts on “Snowy Egret Tiff”

  1. Warning you off by the looks of it. Otherwise a mating ritual but the other one isn’t paying attention so nah 🙂 – I hope to get pout to the local Osprey nest next week if the weather is better – drove past a few days ago and saw that the mating pair have it occupied. I should be able to get to 75 feet or less and use the 500mm lens. I’ll post in G+ if I get anything.

    1. I’ll look for it, though it wouldn’t hurt if you sent me an email when you post it. I’m sorta erratic on G+. I find it hard to find enough time to play Scrabble on Facebook and check G+ regularly.

      1. Will do – waiting for decent weather. Did you see the yellow headed blackbird I posted – never seen one before – this is pretty much the northern end of their range.

        1. I did see it. I’ve seen them at several places in Eastern Washington so I was surprised to hear that they don’t generally cross the border.

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