Juvenile Night Heron

A couple of years ago I read an article about a rookery in Santa Rosa, but I had never managed to get there during nesting season. On our recent visit I managed to find an hour to get out there on our “off” day while others were shopping or reading. Luckily, except for the overhead clouds and threatening rain, I had impeccable timing.

Right after I pulled up two volunteers captured a young Night Heron that was on the ground. I assume that since the nesting trees sit in the middle of two busy roads and are both surrounded by orange construction fences that young birds that can’t fly back to the tree are “rescued” though this bird definitely didn’t want to be rescued.

Unfortunately, I was a little too close for my 560mm lens and could never get the whole bird in frame, but I certainly got some nice close-ups as the heron tried to elude the volunteer

by running around the tree

and playing hide-and-go-seek.

Cornered, the heron put on its most ferocious appearance.

After capture, he continued to protest until put into a carrier.

Though I never got a complete shot of the bird, Photoshop’s Photomerge offered this composite.

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