Spring Break

Last week was Gavin’s and Lael’s Spring Break, so we decided to go to Santa Rosa to escape our rain. Since they had never visited the Redwoods, we decided to start there. Having failed to show how special the Redwoods are in previous attempts, I hoped that having Dawn, Gavin, Leslie, and Lael as props

I could do a better job of showing what a special place the coastal Redwoods really are. See, the trunks are actually wider than the 12” to 24 inches they seem on the computer screen

and are actually taller than 24 inches.

We were lucky enough to visit on a sunny day. Turns out it has been a wet winter for the Northern California Coast, too, and the Redwoods have benefitted from the extra rain even if access to the area was limited because of flooding. At least on the edges of the forest, this is the greenest I’ve seen the forests for a long time.

Redwood forests rival the Olympic Peninsula’s Hoh Rain Forest in their lushness.

Here even dead trees spring back to life.

Deep in the forest, though, towering redwoods shut out even the brightest light

making it seem you’ve entered magical forests of your childhood where anything is possible,


even moments of bright, pristine beauty.

5 thoughts on “Spring Break”

  1. You did a great job capturing the majesty of the redwoods in your photography which is not easy to do. Armstrong Woods?

  2. There really is nothing like walking among these giants. Their beauty and longevity are an awesomeness beyond words. I’m so glad you took your grandchildren to experience them.

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