I Couldn’t Ask for Anything More

Although it’s the Harlequin Ducks that draw me back to Ft. Flagler and Port Townsend year after year, I’m also attracted by the shorebirds, like these Black-Bellied Plovers in non-breeding colors.

It’s the only place I see Brant regularly,

though they can be found throughout the Puget Sound during the winter.

I see Belted-Kingfishers nearly every time I visit Theler Wetlands, but none of them are nearly as accommodating as the one at the Fort Worden marine center.

Throw in an excellent restaurant or two, a few art galleries, and yarn and bead stores, and that’s what I’d call a special weekend.

3 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Ask for Anything More”

  1. Magnificent image of the Plovers in flight — and I love the way you captured the unique personalities of the other two birds. (BTW, if I’m not mistaken the correct spelling is “Brant”.) Anyway, sounds like you had a wonderfully peaceful and creatively productive weekend!

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