The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

The first time I ever toured the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge was just before Thanksgiving and I was amazed by the number of birds I saw there, particularly the large number of Snow Geese. So, I was hoping for the same sight on this trip, the climax to a glorious three-week tour of National Parks and wildlife refuges.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. Perhaps it was the time of day, early evening the first day and early morning the next day, but we didn’t see anywhere the number of birds that I hoped, and expected, to see, which is not to say that I didn’t see any birds.

This Red-Tailed Hawk entertained me for several minutes as it hovered

over its intended prey,


but never struck.

I liked this close-up of this Snowy Egrets’ feet

which look like they’ve accidentally been attached to the wrong set of legs.

We never did see the large flocks of Snow Geese that I anticipated, but there was a small flock, and one that seemed willing to pose for a shot.

I even got a shot of an adult Snow Goose with a juvenile Snow Goose,

the first time I’ve been able to discern the difference between the two.

Though I was disappointed in not seeing the birds I hoped to see, I’m sure a duck hunter would have been delighted by the large number of ducks on the refuge.

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