Theler Wetlands

First Trilliums

Leslie and I took Lael and Mira with us to Theler Wetlands Saturday. I knew it was going to be a good outing when we were greeted at the gate by the first Trillium of the year.


They’re one of the more spectacular early white flowers to bloom here in the Pacific Northwest. Their brilliant white makes it hard to miss them even in the heavy shade where they emerge.

Scattered throughout the deepest woods, you need to be a contortionist to get a close-up of them,


but the result always seem to justify the effort.

3 replies on “First Trilliums”

What a lovely little flower. What a lovely little name.

The first trilliums of spring
Not in China where I live,
Where they never stumble
And so have no place to fall;
But a small white flower
Lives in the thickets of us,
And apart from where we live
So we have no place to fall.

Stunning images . . . I had hundreds of wild trilliums pop up every spring on my wooded property . . . it’s one of the things I miss most . . . thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos . . .