Spring has Sprung

After our plans fell through last Saturday, Leslie and I took advantage of one of the few breaks in the weather to visit Theler Wetlands. Despite, or perhaps because of, our constant rain, Spring has definitely sprung.

White flowers lined the paths,


and early Skunk Cabbage poked its way through the heavy undergrowth.


Newly hatched insects seemed to have attracted the first Tree Swallows of the season.


The Canada Geese have begun to pair off, loudly claiming their small kingdoms.


Leslie even spotted a small flock of Audubon’s Yellow-Rumped Warblers,


my favorite of the day.


I’m relieved at these signs that our interminably long, wet-wet winter may slowly be winding down.

One thought on “Spring has Sprung”

  1. Wonderful that you were able to get out to see these beautiful sights. Love knowing the tree swallows are back. Spring is definitely on its way.

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