A Guest Drops In

Continuous rain has made it nearly impossible to get out birding. Even when I do get outside for a walk, I seldom take my camera equipment because of the threat of rain. So, it was a treat when this Varied Thrush showed up in my back yard while I was making cookies.


What was even more of a treat was that it stuck around long enough for me to go upstairs and get my camera and then stuck around even longer for several shots. I am pretty sure that leaving leaves in the flower beds until Spring, a hint from the Audubon society, is what attracts the bird.


It spent the whole time I was watching it turning over leaves looking for bugs.

I was surprised that it kept coming closer and closer, although it was clear that it saw me at the open patio door.


I assume it must have been curious because he jumped on top of our garden Buddha and gave me a close look before disappearing into the fir tree.


Now, if it would just show up on a sunnier day I could properly capture its bright colors and really do its beauty justice.

10 thoughts on “A Guest Drops In”

  1. Loren — do you sell these pictures? That Buddha/Varied Thrush pic should be a postcard! (All your pictures are that good, of course, but that one really struck me.) I am constantly forwarding your blog to friends.

    1. Thanks for the compliment.

      I’ve gifted pictures to non-profits and to several bloggers who’ve asked if they could have them, but I’ve never tried selling them despite my daughter’s urgings.

      It’s enough for me to share nature’s beauty with others.

  2. Oh Lordy, that Garden Buddha shot just elicited an audible gasp (of delight) from me here; what a moment, what a synchronous alignment of the photographic stars: you, your camera, your wherewithal to go fetch it, the bird, the Buddha—quite the Buddha appearance indeed! I’ve got my annual Holiday Photography post coming up on my own blog in a few days, Loren—could you please kindly send this baby to me in no more than 640px wide? (I’ll be in your debt for another beer…) Happy holidays!

    1. It is on its way.

      Please don’t remind me how close Christmas is until I can finish the cookies.

      Still, Happy Holidays to you, too.

  3. Ah, a Varied Thrush, one of the first birds I saw in the northwest that made me fall in love with bird-watching. I love seeing them. So glad this one showed up in your yard and hung around for all these beautiful photographs. We had a Buddha in our yard in Grass Valley. Never did get a shot of a bird on it, but I do have one like this with a lizard on his head. The perfect Zen moment.

    1. Not likely I’m going to haul all that on my 4-mile birding walks, Doug. I don’t really do much shooting from blinds or stationary sites.

      1. The rain shield is maybe 2 oz. max. I bought one a couple of weeks ago. If you’re handholding the camera and lens then sure it’s going to suck but if you are using a tripod (I have to with my 150-500mm “bazooka” lens) then it’s nothing.

        1. I handhold my camera about 90% of the time, and when I’m not I’m mostly shooting from my vehicle in a wildlife refuge and using my vehicle as a blind, Doug.

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