Where’s My Telephoto Lens

When I packed for our long hike on my last day in Colorado I was faced with deciding which camera and which lens(es) I should carry. In the end, I decided that I would carry the smaller camera with the wide-angle lens, and leave my 100-400mm lens at the house. After all, I wasn’t likely to see many birds, and, more importantly, I didn’t want to have to carry all that extra weight up the mountain.

Of course, we had barely arrived in the park when Jen spotted a large bull moose out in a meadow next to the road. If I had brought my 400mm lens, this would have been the best shot of a moose I had ever gotten.


On the other hand, since I had a hard time keeping up with the fourth grader climbing at this altitude I was grateful that I didn’t need a 400mm lens to capture shots of the lakes and surrounding mountains.


It would have taken me at least fourteen shots with my 400mm lens to stitch together a panorama like this.


We didn’t end up seeing the beautiful Aspen fall foliage that I had hoped to see, at least not on the hike, but these brilliant red leaves contrast beautifully with these granite rocks.


As much as I hated missing the shot of the moose, I probably made the right choice in which lens to bring along. Not only did I get some nice shots of the scenery, I captured shots of the family that will remind me of this hike for quite a while, long after all the aches and pains have disappeared.

4 thoughts on “Where’s My Telephoto Lens”

    1. Yes, that’s why most of my pictures are taken with it, not with my much heavier (and better) 500mm lens.

  1. Excellent scenics.

    Main reason I bought the P900, even though it is a point-and-shoot. I got so tired of not having the right lens with me.

    1. I looked at the camera before this trip, but it wasn’t readily available. I still might buy one because of the weight factor; weight becomes critical on long, hard hikes.

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