Pictures of the Kids

I may not have shot any shots of the kids’ soccer games, but that didn’t stop me from shooting at other times, most notably at Zoe and Sydney’s mile run. Sydney looked awfully determined as she crossed the finish line in 6th place, first for her school


and pretty pleased as she received her award.


I suspect that Zoe was feeling the pressure after her little sister had finished sixth since she had finished eighth last year. She, too, finished sixth in her class and had the fastest time of anyone in her school.


Logan didn’t have a race so I had to wait until the last day to get a shot of him taking pictures on our hike.


If I had sat down like that, I probably wouldn’t have gotten up again because I was having a hard time keeping up with the family at that altitude.

I finally got a group shot of the entire family at the turn-around point in our hike.


It was a delightful week, but it also reminded me how fast time passes and how seldom I get to see them. The last time we took this hike I carried Zoe down the trail in a backpack. I couldn’t have done that on this trip even if she were the same size she was then.