The “Urban Folk Art” of Patrick Amiot

Did I mention that my latest trip, unlike some trips in the past, didn’t focus exclusively on bird watching? I meant to mention it, and I have a lot more photographs of flowers and “artwork” than I do birds, though this shot did remind me a little of some birders that I know.


We spent a morning in Sebastopol exploring the “urban folk art” of Patrick Amiot. All of these shots came from his neighborhood where virtually every yard contains at least one piece of his artwork. I took so many shots that I found it difficult to decide which ones to show here. As usual, though, I’m featuring those that most appealed to me, not necessarily his best work.

Heck, if one of the people here was a woman, and not a man, this piece


could serve as a virtual shot of Leslie and I camping.

It’s hard not to recognize this auto salesman


as someone you’ve met somewhere in the past. To fully appreciate Amiot’s work, you need to enlarge the photo by double clicking on it and look at his teeth, or the emblems on his shirt.

For me, though, his best pieces are those that portray characters like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland


or The Wicked Witch


from The Wizard of Oz.

I would love to have one of his sculptures in my backyard, but his studio was closed the day we went to visit it. Maybe we’ll get back on a later trip.

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    1. Me, too, but it’s a long drive to his studio and I didn’t see an option to buy online. (Not to mention I have no idea what they might cost.)

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