A Quiet Morning at Ocean Shores

I followed up my trip to Pt. Townsend with a solo trip to Ocean Shores and Westport to catch the beginning of the Spring shorebird migration. Naturally I chose one of the few sunny days last week. Unfortunately, as is so often true, the sunshine came with high winds. That meant that birds on the Jetty were hunkered down, and I had to settle for yet another picture of waves crashing into the rocks,


but who doesn’t prefer waves crashing on to rocks than rain?

I even spotted a Western Grebe bobbing up and down in the waves,


one of the few birds I saw in the morning.

So, I focused on the surprisingly early wild yellow Iris which seemed to be everywhere.


I appreciate the way my Canon forces me to make the best of any situation, to find natural beauty I might otherwise overlook.

The best bird sighting of the morning was a small flock of Bonaparte Gulls,


birds I haven’t seen since last year’s Malheur excursion


Despite the scarcity of birds, I’d be the last person to ever complain about a sunny, windy, morning on the coast.