It’s Canada Goose Time of Year

Considering their size, its hard to believe that Canada Geese can be ‘invisible,’ but the truth is that most of the year they are so much a part of the landscape that most people, including myself, hardly notice them, and large flocks may even be considered a “nuisance” by officials. Strangely enough, when the flocks start to break up in the Spring and the geese pair up it is nearly impossible to miss them,


no matter how well they blend in with their environment.

Once they begin to pair off, there is constantly a pair of geese flying overhead,


and more than likely one of them will either be answering the challenge of another pair of geese below or issuing their own challenge.

At Theler, at least, every pair seems destined to land in the Union River,


where they will confront, or be confronted by, other Canada Geese with exactly the same intention of staking out part of the river as their nesting ground.


Luckily, considering their size and strength, most of these confrontations seem more verbal than physical, and invariably one pair will be left serenely surveying their domain,


at least until their goslings appear.

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  1. We have so many of them here and they stay all year. Sometimes the plots they choose as theirs make me laugh.

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