Who Needs Butterflies?

Tuesday was one of those rare days when Dawn and Rich have to work but their kids didn’t have school. Gavin had plans with friends, so I asked Lael if she wanted to visit the Butterfly Exhibit in Seattle. Unfortunately, when we got there we discovered that the Science Center is closed on Tuesdays. Luckily the weather was good enough (meaning it wasn’t raining or freezing) that we could go to the zoo instead.

I don’t think Lael was nearly as disappointed as I was at not being able to see the butterflies. Since the Woodland Park Zoo is quite different from the Tacoma Zoo, we ended up having a fun day. It was too foggy for long shots, but relative closeups like this shot of a Patas Monkey running turned out better than I thought they would.

Patas Monkey

In fact, I’m sure these are two are the best shots I’ve ever managed of these monkeys.

Patas Monkey

Unfortunately, the orangutans were not nearly as cooperative, though it was fun to watch this male peek out from under his “blankee” to look at us while still remaining hidden from sight.

Orangutan Hiding

We both enjoyed a “visitor” who was pulling bright-colored objects out of her purse to show the female orangutan and explained to us that several different people visited the exhibit regularly to enrich the orangutan’s experiences. Interestingly, she said the female became agitated when a regular visitor would fail to show up for a while.

It was far too dark in the corner to get a decent shot of the two “conversing,” though, so I had to settle for this shot of the sculpture just outside the exhibit.

Orangutan Sculpture

It’s hard to miss the Siamang apes when they’e howling, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen them on the ground.


I took a lot more pictures of birds than I did monkeys or apes, but Lael was pretty clear that her favorite part of the zoo was the apes.

Lael and friends

She didn’t complain when we left the zoo and went to Spud’s for fish and chips, either. Of course, I seldom go to Seattle without stopping at Spud’s, a favorite hangout when I was in high school, and a favorite of my parents’ since 1937.

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  1. Ironically, I am just watching a program on Nat Geo Wild about baboons. I love seeing them in the wild.

  2. Lovely photographs of the apes Loren and I love the sculpture too (and the thought of the fish and chips)

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