Fall Colors

Birding has been slow as most our summer birds have left while most of the birds who overwinter here are just beginning to show up. If it’s sunny, though, I’m out walking rather than walking in circles at the YMCA. On days when birds are scarce, I turn to the plants for photographic inspiration.

I’ve always liked this tunnel through the woods near the end of the trail,

tunnel through trees

and it’s even nicer accompanied by the sound of dry leaves crackling and swishing.

With trees losing their leaves, it’s easier to notice some of the beautiful groundcover I hadn’t noticed all summer.

green and white groundcover

Of course, the prettiest leave are still hanging on, whether brilliant yellow

gold leaves

or bright red.

 read leaves

Beauty this precious is always the last thing to go.

red leaves

6 thoughts on “Fall Colors”

  1. You certainly have some beautiful autumn colours there Loren. Make the most of them; they will be gone before you know it. Still, there is also beauty in bare branches I think and you can see the winter birds more easily, so I shall look forward to more photographs.

  2. We’re always a little bit behind you here in Sonoma County, Loren, so it’s just the past few days that fall colors have kicked in with a sense of purpose. The liquidambers, ginkgos and maples are suddenly making me stop, swoon and reach for my iPhone camera. (Though for some reason the shots never turn out as yours do!) Should be a glorious November, the true height of autumn here.

      1. No problem there, Loren. Winter happens here between Dec. 15 and Jan. 15, and then the blooming starts and the birds flit about and humans start putting away the overcoats once again…

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