Roses, And Dahlias, Too

Although my visit to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge may well be the highlight of my summer, I probably spend more time at Tacoma’s Point Defiance Park. On my recent visit I discovered that although the Rose Garden is still the main attraction

Orange Rose

and almost all the roses are in bloom at the moment, my personal favorite, the Dahlias, have finally started to blossom, at least the early ones have.

Most of the pom-pom varieties are just starting, but my favorite varieties like this,


and this,


and particularly this


are on display. I’m not positive, but this seems like the earliest I have seen them in bloom. And, to be sure, many of them haven’t even formed buds yet. Still, for those of us who love dahlias, it’s time to think about visiting the park.

2 thoughts on “Roses, And Dahlias, Too”

  1. Really wonderful!! I have been dipping into your site for years…and thoroughly enjoy it..our son and his family live out in Kenmore and we are moving to Renton in the next few months…we are moving from North Carolina and are a little nervous about the dark dreary winters..I hope to visit the places you have shown us
    Nancy Rogers

    1. The cloudy winters can be a hard thing for some people, but there are lots of great things to do here and beautiful new things to see. Hope you love it.

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