It’s Great to Be Back Home

I was greeted by lightning and rain the night I returned from my Colorado trip, and it seems like it has rained ever since. So when forecasters predicted sunshine Monday, I got out of the house quickly so I wouldn’t miss it.

The last time I was at Theler Wetlands four weeks ago the pond was more mud then pond. It was a very different pond Monday. Accompanied by one of the highest tides I’ve seen, the pond was overflowing and the mud marshes were totally submerged.

Predictably, the promised sunshine never came. In fact, it was downright misty. As a result most of the photos are not as sharp as I aim for, but this is exactly the weather I expect in November. I kind of like the soft-focus shots I got, except for those that turned out so blurry trashed them.

There’s certainly nothing special about Mallards around here, either, but they were a welcome sight

Mallards in the fog

as was this Great Blue Heron who appeared to have stood at his post the whole time I was gallivanting around the country.

Great Blue Heron

The highlight of the day,though, was this Northern Shrike,

 Northern Shrike

the first I have ever seen at Theler Wetlands in the six or so years I’ve visited. It fit in beautifully with the grey skies; I doubt I would have noticed it if the other birds hadn’t been excitedly sending out warning signals. It’s sometimes known as the “butcher bird” despite it’s passerine exterior.

Sunshine or no sunshine, it’s great to be back home.

2 thoughts on “It’s Great to Be Back Home”

  1. There’s something very soft and subtle with the blurred background in the last two shots. I agree with you about November ambiance, and you do it so much justice. Lovely photos.

  2. thanks for this photo of the northern shrike, what a great moment. could a bird be better named? kjm

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