I Love the Texture of These Rocks

I paid more attention to the texture of objects on this trip than I’ve done before. At the beginning of the trip I was first drawn to the textures found around the geysers in Yellowstone. It continued throughout my visit to Canyonlands National Park; perhaps I’m going through an abstract phase as a well a scenic phase.

While out taking pictures of The Monitor and the Merrimac, I noticed the texture of the rocks around me. I’m used to rocks being smooth, but these we anything but smooth.

rock wall

When I looked down at the ground I was standing on, I discovered layers of rock being shaped by the elements.


I can’t remember ever seeing rock quite like this before.

It’s easy to see how it can be sculpted by the wind and rain to form complex patterns like those found on a nearby cliff.

swirls in rock

I was particularly fond of this cliff that looked like it had been cleaved and etched by some ancient force.

textured rock

I wondered if these strange Rorschach-like stains nearby


had inspired ancient people to try to talk directly with their Gods.


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