Walking Mt. Rainier

I don’t know anyone who lives in Western Washington who doesn’t love the sight of Mt. Rainier. You always enjoy seeing the mountain, even in your car. You get out of your car to experience the subtle beauty of wildflowers that carpet the mountainside as you climb up beyond the visitor’s center.


On the way down you stroll through fields of purple asters (though the climb UP is anything but a stroll 🙂

field of wild asters

You walk wayside trails to fully experience waterfalls crossed unnoticed on the highway.

waterfall on Mt. Rainier

You hike mile-long trails to discover creeks plunging down the mountainside, waterfalls hidden by old-growth forests.

Carter Falls

If you ask someone if he knows how far the falls is, you may even meet a Belgium-born nuclear scientist with a GPS that can tell you it’s precisely 70 meters ahead.

hiker on trail

If you hike very long, you’re also sure to meet curious local residents,

Gray Jay

that will land if you hold out your hand to them,

a bird in hand

even without food to offer.

I climb the mountain to find my own little piece of heaven here on earth.

5 thoughts on “Walking Mt. Rainier”

    1. You’d probably love the 10 day +/- trek around the mountain on the Wonder Trail, Solitary. It’s a famous trek that many people claim is a once in a lifetime adventure. Reminds me of other famous walks.

      If you’re really ambitious, though, the Pacific Crest Trail is the ultimate American pilgrimage.

  1. wonderful walk shots..should be a calendar and it might be noted that Joyce, based on his letters and Nora’s, was a messed up dude…makes me wonder if he was abused…but in A LITTLE CLOUD and ARABY, a raving genius.

    1. Does anybody still use calendars? I don’t even need to know the date, but when I do my iPhone/iPad/Computer tells me ahead of time what I should be doing.

      I’m wondering to what extent the time period was responsible for Joyce’s problems. Must have been confusing coming from a Catholic school into the roaring 20’s with a Freudian tinge to it all.

      He certainly exhibits all the characteristics of a person with a Madonna/whore view of women. Not sure where that placed Nora in the spectrum.

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