Redwoods Revisited

Since birding was rather slow in the valley, we decided to return home from Santa Rosa up the coast through the Redwoods. Although my brain tells me I’ll never be able to capture the magic of the redwoods in photographs, the artist in me is unwilling to give up the attempt to do so.

So, here’s my latest attempt to convey some of the beauty and majesty of this sacred place. Hopefully this shot of the Founder’s Tree with Leslie standing in front of it gives some sense of the height of these trees,

Founder Tree

though I suspect this shot of a recently fallen giant gives an even better perspective to judge their size.

Fallen Redwood Tree

Of course, it’s not just the height of the trees that makes this place magical. The very light here is green, and the floor of the forest, like the Pacific Northwest’s rainforest, is covered in ferns and other evergreen plants.

Redwood Ferns

These forests seem as magical at seventy as they did when I first visited them when I was seven years old.

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