Colorado Wildlife

As much as I enjoyed the Garden of the Gods, capturing pictures of wildlife actually gave me a greater thrill.

Unfortunately, though there were many signs warning of elk crossings, the only one I saw was at night when it was far too dark to get a picture.

I did, however, manage to get several deer pictures. These two does were part of a small herd that I noted right off the road.

Two Does

I like this shot of a buck even more because of how I got to shot. As I was driving through the small town of La Veta, I saw the buck right in the middle of the street taking a drink. I was sure that when I stopped it would immediately take off, but it didn’t move an inch.

Buck Drinking

In fact, it sat there so long that I began to wonder if it was a joke and it had been stuffed and put out on the street. It was only when it finally raised its head as I backed up that I realized it was a real buck.

However, my favorite shot of the trip might’ve been this one of a coyote crossing a snowfield.

Coyote in Winter Coat

Though I was a ways away, once it sighted me it started back towards the woods and I drove off, not wanting to stress him anymore than I already had.

4 thoughts on “Colorado Wildlife”

  1. Such a treat for us all when you ‘take it on the road.’ That coyote looks pretty well fed, nothing scrawny like the nw neighborhood coyotes we see. As always grateful for this site and photos. kjm

    1. It’s so different looking that at a distance I thought it had to be a wolf, not a coyote.

      It sure doesn’t look much like the coyote I shot at Malheur a month ago.

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