Birding Belfair

The weather around seems to be trying to make up for our late summer, though it isn’t helping the tomatoes, which perished in frost several weeks ago. Despite forecasts and despite the fact that I need to get some things done around the house and in the yard, I spent most of the last week out taking photos.

After visiting Nisqually for the first time in a while Monday, I went back to Belfair on Tuesday. I was rewarded by seeing John and by a few shots worth showing. I like this shot of a wren whose singing couldn’t be ignored.

Marsh Wren

I also like this shot of a Marsh Hawk that flew ridiculously close to me, so quickly that I wasn’t able to get a shot until he was quite far away.

Marsh Hawk Flyby

It was also nice to see the Great Blue Herons back, oblivious to photographers and apparently everything else.

Great Blue Heron on Fence Rail

Good thing this one seemed to be wearing his winter coat because the winter cold finally seems to be settling in.