Fall Sports

Despite forecasts to the contrary, the weather here has been so delightful that I’ve have a hard time sitting at my computer long enough to process photos I’ve taken, much less write anything that’s fit for public exposure.

Despite my earlier post, I am aware that it’s Fall, not summer. Heck, the Washington Husky football season is already half over, and Lael’s soccer season is coming to a close. So after finishing the weekly shopping, I hurried over to Lael’s soccer game to watch her applying her newly polished goalie skills.

Lael in Goal

With a few minutes left in her game, I left to try to catch Gavin’s game.


Now, if I was a devoted sports photographer, I might have captured some great soccer shots, but as it turns out I got distracted when Lael showed up “to watch her brother’s game.”

Like Grandpa,

Fall Leaves in Sunlight

Lael and her friends couldn’t resist the appeal of Fall leaves. They gathered

Gathering Leaves

enough to make a comfortable resting place

Leaf Angel

until they could gather enough energy to scatter them

Raining Leaves

back where they belonged to await the next batch of kids.

Luckily, I got in home in plenty of time to watch the Huskies recover from last week’s dreadful loss to Stanford by beating Arizona in a high-scoring game.

Summer’s great, but Fall’s not far behind, especially on a sunny day.