Aspens in the Steen Mountains

Surprisingly, the highlight of Tuesday’s trip to Malheur wasn’t the birds, but, rather, the beautiful fall foliage that awaited me as I left Malheur and drove up the Steen Mountains. After driving through miles and miles of sagebrush and dry fields of grass, I was confronted by the beauty of aspens turning yellow and gold.

Aspen through Car Window

Since birding had been slow, I’d arrived early hoping to see migrating songbirds as I’d done last Fall. I don’t think I heard a single bird the whole time I was in camp, but I was perfectly content to wander through the campground, snapping shots,

Fall Aspen

doing my best to capture the brilliant light reflected off the fluttering aspen leaves.

Fall Aspen

It was obviously and impossible task but one that I would have gladly repeated day after day, even though it was clear that even my wide-angle lens could never capture the full scope of its beauty,

Fall Aspen

though I was certainly willing to try.

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