It’s Soccer Time!

Last Saturday’s sunshine served as the perfect kickoff to the soccer season here in Tacoma, and I managed to get to two different games while still watching the Husky-Hawaii football game.

The year began with Lael’s first game of the year. Lael’s team, coached by her mother, plays four-player teams, with one player in the goal.

Lael's Team

It looks like it will be more fun to watch this team than last year’s team, and one of the reasons is this girl who’s played three years of soccer.

Lael’s going to have to run harder than that if she’s going to catch up to her teammate.

Lael's teammate about to score

Perhaps her teammate’s aggressiveness is rubbing off, though,

because Lael managed to hold her own in some aggressive play and even scored a goal.

Lael plays aggressively this year

Gavin’s team played in the afternoon, so I managed to catch his game, too. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective the team he played wasn’t nearly as good as his team, so Gavin, who plays fullback, didn’t get much action,

Gavin defends

and I only got one shot during an hour plus game.

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  1. Beautiful photos! In Spain almost all year is soccer time. Most boys play soccer, but only a few girls.

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