Birding is Just Plain Slow Around Here

Judging from recent posts on my site you’d probably guess that I must be spending all of my time working in the background trying to improve my web site and not getting outside in the beautiful sunshine and birding.

You’d only be partly right, though. Actually, I’ve been out birding three different times for several hours each time. I just haven’t gotten any pictures really worth sharing. I still haven’t, but I haven’t finished enough of my latest book to comment on it yet and I’m tired of looking at this white space. Locally, this is a real slow time for birding.

I can always count on the Killdeer at Belfair, though they’re always across the river and hard to get a good shot of:


Every time I’be been to Belfair I’ve seen a pair of Cedar Waxwings at the end of the bridge,

Cedar Waxwing

though I still haven’t seen the Sora and Virginia Rail that John’s photographed there consistently.

The only “special” bird I’ve seen recently is this female Black-Headed Grosbeak,

female Black-Headed Grosbeak

and she definitely didn’t want her picture taken.

Usually I’d be spending time at the Ocean shooting the fall migration, but Skye has been sick lately and I hate to leave him alone because he chews on his sore feet when left alone. The vet discovered Thursday that his thyroid isn’t functioning properly, and he’ll need to take thyroid medication for the rest of his life. Right now he’s on steroids, antibiotics, pain medication and thyroid medication and is finally showing signs of improving enough that I’m hoping to go to the beach tomorrow and, better yet, take him to Malheur next week.

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