Nothing Stands Still

Notice anything unusual? I’ve been working behind the scenes today trying to change a few things around here.

Most important of all, I finally updated to the latest version of WordPress, without a single problem.

That inspired me to change themes, something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while but just haven’t felt I wanted to mess around with the site’s CSS style sheet, something I have to do to ensure that material I’ve quoted is set off properly and doesn’t look like something I’ve written.

Things will probably look a little different every day around here for a while. Although I’ve already managed to change the code that I felt I had to change before I could even change themes, there’s a lot more code that I want to change to make this theme feel more like my own.

First, I want to change the photo at the top of the page, but that will entail finding shots that fit that format, which might not be that easy to do.

Then I want to change the background color and the color of the links, and then fine tune the other fonts. I’m heading to Mt. Rainier tomorrow and Vancouver one day next week, so don’t expect miracles overnight, but hopefully you’ll like the new look and find some of the changes make it more enjoyable to read this site.

7 thoughts on “Nothing Stands Still”

  1. Good to see an image of where the ocean meets the shore. Now I’m wondering where you took that photo.

    These sunny Pacific Northwest August days with the feeling of fall in them are my favorites. There is lively energy in the air. Change feels possible.

  2. My bad, apparently I didn’t make clear that the photos at the top of the page were the ones that came with this theme, not ones I’d taken. That was why that was a first priority, to put my own shots in there.

  3. As you may know, I change my header about every 4 months, and sometimes I go back to an older version. Change is good.

  4. Interesting how the header photo keeps changing (-:

    Is that your Mt. Rainier photo? When I first came to your blog just now, there was a mountain trail. Maybe you are working on it right now!

    I like the new look of your blog.

  5. Yes, all the photos at the top are now mine. I finally found a way to import them after several hours of fiddling. There are just three of them so far, but there will be more relatively soon.

    The are rotating images, so that a new one should appear regularly. When I reloaded the page, the image changed about every third or fourth time.

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